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    Mar 2020

Surfshark Full Review 2023

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Surfshark piedāvā ļoti drošu, neierobežotu VPN pakalpojumu, kas ir viegli lietojams un labi šifrēts, lai apzinātos privātumu.

Šīs ir iezīmes
Saturs, kas nav ierobežots
Ārkārtīgi ātrs ātrums
CleanWeb (bez reklāmām)
Avārijas poga
Mēs esam šeit, lai palīdzētu
Aizsardzība ar dimantiem raksturīgām īpašībām
Stingra politika bez žurnāliem
Neierobežotas ierīces
Publiskais WiFi ir drošāks nekā privātums
IP maskēšana
DNS ar nulles zināšanām
Internets bez robežām

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24 mēneši $1.99 2020. gada marts

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Surfshark Daži vārdi

Surfshark ir godalgots, drošs VPN, kas šifrē jūsu tiešsaistes datus, lai palīdzētu jums palikt privāts un aizsargāts katru dienu bez problēmām.

25 Komentāri

Apr 01, 2020 11:06
A fairly good VPN with the available potential. I have been using them for 7 months, I have not observed any sharp speed jumps, and you can use them. The price does not bite, so I stopped at the price-quality ratio on this VPN

Jan 30, 2020 04:28
I regret buying this, it was great first, but after some time, the Surfshark VPN hijacked all connections except for TOR, uninstalling software didn't help, their customer service very slow and "lets try this attitude", in the end I had to reinstall whole computer, they don't compensate DO NOT BUY SURFSHARK.
there was kill switch means that net is not working without VPN, nut it was always on or off net would not work without it. so net in "normal use is slow and cannot enter some sites that do not accept VPN connection.

Dec 30, 2019 01:26
When I was searching for a VPN, I looked into a lot of options, and I realized that I needed to list out the main reasons why I'm getting it so that I could look into the features of each VPN and find the best match for me. Why I liked Surfshark is first because of its low price. Also, they work on Apple TV, macOS, and iOS, which is what I use daily. Also, they're able to bypass geo-blocks for Netflix and Disney+. After getting their subscription and trying them out for a month, I was pretty happy with my decision. I did have a couple of times when I had issues with the servers (since they disappeared from the app), but simply closing and opening the app helped me solve the problem.

Dec 23, 2019 11:31
Don’t buy Surfshark services if you are in China. Surfshark VPN simply DOES NOT work in China.
If you live in the USA and need a cheap VPN, why not. But if you are in China, I strongly advise against buying Surfshark VPN. I made the mistake myself, and after three months with intermittent to no connection through Surfshark VPN, I had to buy another VPN. I simply could not stay longer without access to the Internet. Surfshark says that they provide customer service to help you access the Internet: I have spent countless hours making technical operations on my iPhone and my laptop to try to have the service work, but it does not work. Surfhshark is down during weeks at a time, without the possibility to access to Internet.
I usually don’t post reviews online, but I must say that my ...

Jan 14, 2019 03:30
This isn't the first nor the third provider that I've ever used, but it's my top #2 if not #1 right now. It's quite a small provider server-wise. Also, the apps look very simple. However, they all (I tried macOS, Windows, Android, but I don't have iOS device and didn't use their TV apps to try those) work smooth and are fool-proof with all important information right at front or only one click away. Also, I check the speeds time to time and the biggest drop reached 20% which didn't interrupt any traffic. Though, I do have quite speedy internet so I wouldn't really be that bothered unless the drop reached 40% or so. Overall, I think it's already a great VPN and they have quite a potential to climb high on the top lists in upcoming year if they keep up with the work they've done so far.


Jun 10, 2020 03:13
I really like surfshark ,it connects fast without slowing,lagging and for price you can't beat.

Daniel Kiersz

Jun 08, 2020 03:54
Most of the time I connect to the fastest server, I am not able to browse the web, with my wifi or 4g lte. It is frustrating

Dhr. Bakker

Jun 08, 2020 07:23
The speed is great, I have a 100/30 DSL connection and maximum speeds are around 90/26 so nothing to complain about speeds. Netflix also works nice. I connect to the Dutch VPN server (static IP address) but that server appears to have quite some packet loss. The regular Dutch VPN server works fine, however some sites appear to be blocked. I use Surfshark with an Asus router, but multiple VPN's on the same router does not work as it should. I've had contact with Surfshark support about it but we couldn't resolve the issue... In brief: If you have multiple Surfshark VPN connections running on the same router, every VPN connection is assigned to a local IP addresses on the same Surfshark subnet (10-8-8-0/24) and that gives problems with routing. If that would be resolved, I'd give ...


Jun 08, 2020 08:53
This VPN is VERY easy to install and VERY easy to use------Almost completely automatic and does exactly what it claims to do-----fast friendly and efficient--------and its a VERY good price

satwant singh

Jun 08, 2020 09:55
Surfshark is So easy to use even a 62 yr old dinosaur like me finds it simple .


Jun 08, 2020 10:16
I am giving this VPN service a one star only because I can not rate it any lower. Every since I have had this VPN it has been nothing short of a disaster. The service is extremely slow, and basically useless. I have to turn it off just to use 90 perfect of the APKs on my Firestick. I have to bypass Hulu, because you can not watch Hulu with this VPN. One of their major selling points is the ability to connect to other countries and access their Netflix content. That does not work either. I would not recommend to this service to anyone. The only good thing about this service is that it is cheap. If you are on a really tight budget this might work for you, but I would probably spend the extra money to get a VPN that actually delivers on its promises.

William Goodman

Jun 08, 2020 11:15
good price, service, works every time!

Paul Haskett

Jun 08, 2020 12:23
I had my doubts about Surfshark, but after two years with another well known VPN provider ,that is expensive I decided to give SurfShark ago. I have found them reliable and the Online support chat excellent. It’s now a case of see what happens when it’s time to extend the contract.

Rock Anderson

Jun 08, 2020 12:42
Surfshark works great, does what I want. I'd recommend it.


Jun 08, 2020 09:00
Super service (getting 30 mb/s download). Got an answer to a simple question over the weekend in less than 4 hours!

Nick Johnson

Jun 08, 2020 03:22
Application simple download, easy to navigate. Connection very quick, stays connected and very straightforward. No problems so far! Reasonably priced, would recommend to anyone.


Jun 09, 2020 09:55
Great vpn service at a very reasonable price. Connections are quickly made and very stable. The interface is very easy and intuitive.


Jun 09, 2020 02:18
Simple and effective. I use it in Costa Rica to watch U.S. shows on Netflix and Hulu.


Jun 09, 2020 02:28
Surfshark my first go at VPN , I have to admit I had some worries at first but once I was able to understand how it works, I'm able to open the app find the best connection and go with it, so many to choose from. With no worries. I recommend surfshark.


Jun 09, 2020 03:43
This is a really bad VPN, particulary the 3 'British' VPNs they have on offer! I've been a Surfshark customer for a while now and I've already complained about their VPN service in the past. They have consistently failed to update their details with Google so when searching through the search engine the results will NOT be from the 'IP address' of the country's VPN being used. The 3 UK VPNs are appalling. They have one for London' which is definitely NOT in London and is constantly being asked for verification by Google as it comes up as a VPN used for bot searches and other bot related online activity. Their 'Glasgow' VPN is almost as bad and constantly drops out or slows down speeds. I have a 1Gb internet service with 1:1 contention but the Surfshark VPN makes my connection reall...

Art Enns

Jun 09, 2020 05:24
I had a subscription for another VPN but let it expire because of the high cost. Surfshark is much less expensive without any compromise to speed or security. The interface is user-friendly and customer service is top tier. I highly recommend it.


Jun 09, 2020 08:09
Better than expressvpn!


Jun 09, 2020 11:48
It just work. They are awesome, they do what they say.

S Lee

Jun 10, 2020 12:53
The best vpn we have tried. Easy to use, connections are fast and stable. We highly recommend this vpn.

Udbhav Dalmia

Jun 09, 2020 08:21
Great interface, great service.